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Construct your own dream interior designs with our Power Perspective software!

Visualize Without Rendering

Our Power Perspective allows you to enable a photo-realistic representation of your room design without the endless conundrums that come with rendering.

Speedy Real-Time Material Change

The Power Perspective software is extremely user friendly. It allows you to immediately alter materials and textures of your furniture proposals in real-time. So even if you’re in a client meeting or in the middle of a presentation, you can instantly change the color of a chair/sofa, wallpaper and even flooring with a single click, right in front of the clients.

Day/Night Environmental Orientation

Not only does the Power Perspective tool enables a photorealistic expression without actual rendering, it also allows you to emulate Day or Night settings to better visualize the environment. So if you feel like your bespoke furniture might not look as good in a night-time setting, you can easily check so with this tool.

Key Features of Power Perspective

A Drastic Improvement In The Presentation & Visualization Qualities Of Your Furniture & Room Design

Logistic Services Of The Power Perspective

Quick Delivery

On submission of the existing 2D data – plans, elevations, sections and more – for a better understanding of the design, we can complete your proposed design in 2-7 days.

Affordable Price

For the ease of our customers, Team Amocc aims for a price that is equal to, or lower than the cost required to create ordinary building interior perspectives in the world.

App Distribution

Usually, interior perspectives are carried out on Desktop applications, but at Amocc, we can also deliver them in an iOS OR Android Application.

Ultra Quality Image Rendering

Since the initial form of our Power Perspective software offers a photorealistic imaging, you can only imagine how high-quality or renders actually are. You only have to customize how the light hitting the camera can affect the object, and it will be possible for you to get an ultra-high definition.

Optional Animation Requests

The Power Perspective tool allows you to create an “everyday simulation” where you can experience the movement of light on your custom-made furniture, along with the gentle billowing of curtains and more.

Compatibility With Large-Scale Projects

Our software is highly compatible for all sorts of spaces. Whether it’s a residential setting, or a large-scale commercial one like a Mall, Hospital or Museum; the Power Perspective can handle it all.

Watch How Power Perspective Works

[to be uploaded at the end of February 2018]

Sample 1 1:20

From Ver.1

Sample 2 3:20


Sample 3 6:45


FAQ About The 3D Model

Can I convert my existing 3D model to the Power Perspective Format?

Usually, 3D models of interior designs and furniture created on 3ds max or Sketchup are not compatible with our software as they are on power parsing. Converting the format will require extensive modification work. It is always our objective to best help our clients, so please consult us about any matter on the subject.

If I want to add an item that has not been listed in the furniture and floor/wallpaper catalogue, can you insert it in my 3D Model?

As long as it is a product that actually distributes, we can create a simulation as soon as obtaining approval from the manufacturer. We will, however, need detailed information on the item, i.e. manufacturer name and more.

About External Environment Settings

Can I specify the view that is visible outside the window?

Yes, definitely. You can use the specified commands and settings to better emulate the scenery outside.

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