Custom-Made Furniture For Residential, Commercial & Retail Interior Designs!

We design, develop and produce bespoke furniture that perfectly captures the functional and ergonomic needs & aesthetics of any public and private space.

Be your own designer at Amocc’s Vietnam factory!

Custom-made furniture requires a lot of collaboration between the designers and the clients, but with our furniture design company in Vietnam, you can be your very own designer!

We allow a great freedom of development for all our customers, which is why we have an exclusive Sample Development Team at our Flagship factory. The basic assignment of this team is to help the customers create their unique designs, and then chart them off for manufacturing.

It’s a revolutionary concept because it allows our clients much more liberty to experiment with their own designs. In the past, when any commercial establishment tried to dip their toes in such a venture, the end results came up too expensive. As a result, such clients had no choice but to pick an existing piece from the catalogue.

However, we at Amocc understand our client’s need to input their own advice and imagination in the custom-made furniture they’re investing in. So at our Vietnam factory, we help them freely develop samples of chairs in a timeframe of 1-2 weeks. These sample, when approved, are then turned in for mass manufacturing.

As one of the best furniture design companies in Vietnam, this particular venture has allowed us to involve our clients better in the overall process. As it has become more important than ever to design commercial furniture that is unique in both aesthetics as well as functionality to a certain brand, we’ve been able to contribute towards creating a diverse and distinguished line of bespoke furniture that represents our clients more fully.

Amocc’s Sample Development Team has become a half-way point that has resulted in improved communication with the clients, and subsequently, faster product manufacturing.


The Aeon Mall in Okinawa is the best example of our ‘Make To Order’ services. The mall opened in May 2015, and features stunning bespoke furniture that specifically captures AEON’s aesthetic and branding. The client also wanted to express the Okinawa’s aesthetic. Both of these concepts were beautifully delivered in the custom-made furniture that the AEON designers created with the help of our Sample Development Team.