Wholesale Residential Furniture

We plan, design and manufacture residential furniture for both wholesale purpose and custom design and order spaces.

AMOCC’s Business Policy


  1. “Product design” and “keeping costs down” are our two main appeal points.
  2. We do not conduct direct sales, except at exhibition events.
    1. We do not employ any professional wholesales staff on our team.
    2. We do not employ any retail or greeting staff on our team.
    3. We are unable to answer phone calls on Saturdays and Sundays as these days are outside our standard working hours.
  3. We do not offer support or sponsorship to retail stores.
  4. We do not provide discounts or sales on our products and services.
  5. We do not conduct sales online or through online specialty stores.
  6. Orders can only be accepted through our specialty wholesale website. We do not accept orders by fax. We cannot customize or change the layout of our sales invoices.
  7. We apologize for any inconveniences caused by any of our above policies, but we have designed our business model on a system to help keep operating costs down for the benefit of our customers and in cooperation with all of our staff.
  8. Until 2015, we had only still been in the process of developing and finalizing our business model, but from 2016 on we have finally been able to shift our focus to full-scale product development.