For Furniture Makers, Furniture Retailers, Etc. [To be Launched on June 2018]

New "2D/3D R Editor" & "3D R Viewer"

Free-Form Spatial Development

The 2D/3D Editor basically allows you to create an indoor space and generate your own, customized furniture layout to boot.

Realistic Without Rendering

This software enables you to fabricate a photo-realistic representation of your interior design & custom-made furniture without rendering.

Real-Time Material Change Options

The 3D R Viewer allows the customers to easily change any material in their model even from their homes. You can comfortably make all the changes you want after discussing with your family.

Customized Environment Settings

This software allows you to construct detailed environments like the intensity of sunlight, night-mode and even altering indoor illumination to better experience you custom-made furniture layout proposals.

2D Editor

The 2D editor allows you to draw customized inner & outer walls, arrange the furniture in a layout that appeals to your tastes. It allows you to easily play with the placement of the custom-made furniture you selected from the catalogue. With this software, you can simulate the visual balance of your desired space while updating the layout to maximize the circulation space.

3D Editor

The 3D editor allows you to experience the model in a photorealistic expression. It enables you to easily change the position of the camera with just a click of your mouse. In addition to that, you can also change the material applications of your custom-made furniture, walls and floors to better express your aesthetic. This allows you to appraise the color balance, tonal diversity and contrast of your interior design.


You Can Easily Transform The 2D Layout Into A 3D Model & Co-ordinate Your Layout With Overwhelming Speed.

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Cool Design

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Amazing Style

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Sharp Edges

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Ultra Durable

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Double Whammy Of 2D/3D Editing Applications

This service is available in a Desktop/PC format. However, we’ll be releasing a mobile-friendly app in the second half of 2018.

3D Viewer

While the functional half of this app is still desktop based, we’ve especially prepared a mobile-specific 3D viewer app so that end-customers can easily appraise their interior plans remotely. This allows users to cherry-pick their custom-design furniture and notify the designers of their comments on the designs without having to visit our office.

Cooperation With CRM

Opportunity Records are created for each client whenever their layout plans are being prepared. This allows them to manage the process of closing and accommodates collaboration through Cloud with a designer.

Lowest Price In The Industry

Our custom-made furniture is one of the best, and as are our prices. Although this particular software is one of the few generates a photo-realistic representation without rendering, it is available in a much more cost-effective capacity as compared to a general simulation software. However, the cost of manufacturing the 3D model is extra.

2D/3D R Simulatorが変えるプリゼンテーション


Sample 1 5:29


Sample 2 3:20


Sample 3 6:45


FAQ About The 3D Model

Can I convert my existing 3D model to the Power Perspective Format?

Usually, 3D models of interior designs and furniture created on 3D Max, Sketch Up or even AutoCAD are not compatible with our software as they are on power parsing. Converting the format will require extensive modification work. It is always our objective to best help our clients, so please consult us about any matter on the subject.

If I want to add an item that has not been listed in the furniture and floor/wallpaper catalogue, can you insert it in my 3D Model?

As long as it is a product that actually distributes, we can create a simulation as soon as obtaining approval from the manufacturer. We will, however, need detailed information on the item, i.e. manufacturer name and more.

About External Environment Settings

Can I specify the view that is visible outside the window?

Yes, definitely. You can use the specified commands and settings to better emulate the scenery outside.

R Community

弊社3D Simulator Appのご利用の皆様のためのコミュニティを開設致します(2018年4月予定)。

3D Simulator Appのご利用マニュアル





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